At Chalamthang village – time runs slow. Most of the sightseeing options can be covered on foot. Transport arrangements for local sightseeing is also done by us. Here are few places, where you can visit during your stay:


Heritage House

The 160-year-old local heritage house at Chalamthang is truly a wonder. Made completely with locally available materials like wood, bamboo and Siru, this wonder house is standing strong after countless earthquakes and natural hazards. Tucked within a small valley, the present owners show their house to the guests proudly. Cultural programs are usually held at the backdrop of this house.


Ban Jakhri Cave

Jakhris or witch doctors of Sikkim are known to cure many ailments of the villagers and control the natural elements. They are said to dwell in caves far from the human settlements and came down to meet the commoners during crisis. One such cave can still be seen a few kilometers from Chalamthang after a short trek. Traditional antics like sticks and musical instruments can be found in the caves too.


Daras of Chalamthang

Dara refers to the highest point of a hill and surrounding Chalamthang are various such Daras like the Harray Dara, which is very sacred to newly married couples who come here to seek blessings for a successful conjugal life, then there is the Deorali Dara from where you can catch a panoramic view of the surrounding villages and mountain ranges.


Green Beach

A couple of kilometers by car and another kilometer hike through farmlands and forests and mountain streams would take you to one of the best kept secret of our village – the Green Beach. Its a verdant green valley, which is crisscrossed by the mighty River Teesta. Here, you can bask in the sun savouring the sweet river breeze or catch some fish using the local fishing rods. The local villagers would get the fish cooked for you.


Organic Farm

Chalamthang has some of the best organic farms in Sikkim. Rice and Maize is cultivated in the usual step-cultivation process but we grow vegetables in our orchards throughout the year. The usual vegetables grown are bitter gourds, pumpkins, cabbages, cauliflowers, tomatoes and many more. The traditional methods of ploughing and sowing is still practiced. We take our guests for a tour of our farms. You can pluck some vegetables and bring them back to our kitchen to get it prepared.


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Photos of Sightseeing